Serena Thompson

Serena Thompson is a proud Mamu Waribarra and Tagalaka woman from Far North Queensland. Her many family members are her driving force as she is blessed to be surrounded by strong and loving sisters, aunties, nieces and grandmothers. She has a passion for working with young mob and women, building them up to be the next generations of leaders who will ultimately pave the way for climate and community-based justice.

26 Years of Accumulated Rage: A (non-exhaustive) List

All the teachers in primary school, who commented that ‘Of course you came second in cross country, Aboriginal people are really good at running fast!’.

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Ode to my mother tongue

To the words that give me a way to convey my anger At people who have inflicted generational wounds To the words that give me the means to fight Against the system that made me speak them in the first …

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