Saaro Umar

Saaro Umar is a Oromo poet. Her work has appeared in Australian Poetry, Demos, Voiceworks, Expound, Scum, Alien She Zine among others.

‘It turns into a new language’: Saaro Umar in conversation with Elyas Alavi

And once you’ve gone, you can’t come back anymore. The almost-end of an exchange that comes close to passages between James Baldwin’s David and Giovanni; here between the voice of Magaye Niang and Marène Niang, as she glides naked across thick Alaskan snow, breasts upwards, the foreground close to the colour of the sky, she replies, I think I’ve already heard this song.

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I can’t think I am living large if the home we live in is a mess while my own room is spotless. I want a beautiful mansion for all of us. Yes, I realise this is not a seamless nor an especially artful allegory.

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ode; to blue

because the senses crave melody it drips; a whistle caught in cotton vill i sit. nothing— this body is beyond capture. but is a simple sound. whistle; [elelelelelele] ululation. it drips; heat exit graft; each twitch splits— the hairs on …

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I had promised myself that I will never write about shisha, ever again. The topic itself is as disgusting as is                                                                                                            knuckles press down onto counter hips between stovetop & a stack of ceramic my soles lift as his hand …

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