Ross Donlon

Ross Donlon lives in Castlemaine where he convenes poetry events and is publisher of Mark Time Books. Winner of international poetry competitions, he is widely published in Australia and Ireland. A sequence from his latest book, The Blue Dressing Gown, was a program on Radio National’s Poetica in 2013.

After the Election – On Rye Pier

After the painting, Rye Pier, by John Baird With the sky thick as mud, horizon steel edged, ship on its tightrope, smoke from the stack smudging clouds, the water at Rye flat as Clag, flowerets of spume and seaweed regular …

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Mothers’ Day

For Margaret Phelps and Mary Veronica Lang After the cups of tea and gifts of slippers we always went to Rookwood Cemetery – walk train walk again in swimming heat, me bobbing behind your trailing hand. To a small boy, …

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