Rob Walker

Rob Walker has work published in his full collection, micromacro (Seaview Press, 2006), sparrow in an airport (New Poets Ten, 2005), a chapbook phobiaphobia (Picaro Press, 2007), Best Australian Poems 2005, various websites and spoken word on recent Going Down Swinging CDs. He also writes short stories, teaches performing arts and works with Adelaide's Max_Mo, a jazz-funk outfit.

Norfolk Island Pine

in the Pacific your point of origin a speck of pollen but a diaspora delivered you to every beach resort your trunk adolescent slim-muscled, smoothskinned with occasional acne and zits your substitute leaves scimitars of baby claws, stockwhips for the …

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Against the Grain

If your face was a piece of wood I wouldn’t know which way to plane it I say. The right side of his mouth curls into a ghost smile. Yeah he says my grain goes all over the place. I …

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beyond black & white

before dawn even flowers are grey till magpies, monochrome flautists, pipe in the colours

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at the experimental art foundation

first rain in months what little hair i have plastered on my scalp as i cross the wet city to leave some copies of micromacro at the dark horsey          growing from the grating framed in red brick and aluminium is …

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The truth about everything

expressed digitally the answer to everything                                  is one. or nothing.

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Ethel Malley: Sonnet

Ethel Malley is the sister of Ern Malley.

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Ethel Malley Strikes Back

Burwood, New South Wales Dear Editors, I am not certain that I am eligible for your competition, but please bear with me. You see, I am the sister of Ernest. I feel compelled to point out a grave error in …

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rob walker reviews Tony Page

The climax of this epic ode to Science is an entire section of works on The Big Bang. The concept of The Beginning of Time blows a tiny mind (like mine). Page's allusion to the theory of Before the Birth of Time reminded me of my own ever-circular childhood musings and awkward questions in Sunday School of what God did the day before he decided to create The Heavens and The Earth.

These are big questions.

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rob walker reviews Deb Matthews-Zott

Deb Matthews-Zott recognises that good sex begins in the head, so to speak. She zeroes in on the psychological seduction, avoiding the temptation to sound all Mills & Boon, or like some page torn from a textbook on gynaecology.

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rob walker reviews Les Wicks

Someone once said that you shouldn't use poetry to tell a story. Either Les hasn't heard this, or he chooses to ignore it. Much of his work consists of poetic snapshots which are acerbic cross-sections of the narratives of ordinary people; and it's the very ordinariness of Wick's characters which elevates them to heroic status.

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