Robert Sullivan

Robert Sullivan's twelve books include the long-poem Star Waka (Auckland University Press) which has been reprinted five times and translated into German, the graphic novel Maui: Legends of the Outcast, illustrated by Chris Slane, and the New Zealand Post Children’s Book of the Year, Weaving Earth and Sky, illustrated by Gavin Bishop. He co-edited two anthologies of Polynesian poetry in English with Albert Wendt and Reina Whaitiri, Whetu Moana and Mauri Ola. Again with Reina Whaitiri, in 2014 he edited the first comprehensive anthology of Maori poetry in English, Puna Wai Korero (Auckland University Press). Sullivan is head of Manukau Institute of Technology’s Creative Writing School. On his maternal side he belongs to the Northland iwi of Ngapuhi, and on his paternal side he belongs to the South Island iwi, Kai Tahu, with Irish roots in Rosscommon and Galway.

Te Whitianga a Kupe

Last week we celebrated the arrival of the waka hourua of Kupe Matawhaorua about 1100 years ago and HMB Endeavour in 1769 of then Lieutenant James Cook. Kupe’s wife Hine Te Aparangi, according to Ngāti Hei, named the islands Aotearoa …

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Winners for the Val Vallis Award for an Unpublished Poem 2016

Run by Queensland Poetry Festival, and named in honour of a distinguished Queensland poet, the Arts Queensland Val Vallis Award for an Unpublished Poem is committed to encouraging poets throughout Australia. 2016 Selection panel: Chloe Wilson and Robert Sullivan Winner …

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Long Light

(i) Long Light A grey autumn full of splash, spiders abseiling from gutters, fresh raindrops polka-dotting backyard green duvets in the shortening light. The animals are here: birdfeeder tantalizing the cat, puppy whining at the hedgehog, ants massing at their …

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Seeds from Rangiātea: Nine Māori and Pasifika Poets

I will never be lost; the seed which was sown from Rangiātea. This poetic saying refers to Māori descent from Polynesia, specifically the island of Ra’iatea in the Tahitian island group.

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