Rachael Mead

Rachael Mead has an eclectic past that includes working as an archaeologist, environmental campaigner, wedding decorator and bookshop manager. In 2013 she was shortlisted for the Newcastle Poetry Prize and her poetry collection, The Sixth Creek, was published by Picaro Press.

Rachael Mead Reviews Stuart Cooke

Cooke has long been uneasy with the label of ecopoet, as he mentioned in a 2014 interview for Peril Magazine. While his previous collection, Edge Music (2011), focused on writing from the geographical and historical edges of landscapes, Opera pushes beyond an attempt to speak ecologically.

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What lies broken

after Dorianne Laux This shard of Pangea’s shattered plate. Long nights by the inkling of day. Our front door’s rusted bell. Tonic with the spike of gin. Promises, innocence, childhood faith. That mirror, my bright luck splintered to slivers. The …

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The Waterfall

Summer flays the valley, the skinless blue of a sky with no air, only distance, a vacuum in sharp focus. Birds ignorant of the physics of flight hang in the rawness, waiting for gravity to notice. Sounds are magnified; their …

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What Will We Inherit?

The galah and the goldfinch. These trees but not the grasses. Instinct. Guilt. History, with its lashing tail. Obligation, passed into my hand like a stone. My grandfather’s bible. Your mother’s pearls. The rounded rocks lying quiet in the creek. …

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