Rachael Wenona Guy

Rachael Wenona Guy is a multifaceted artist in theatre, puppetry, visual art and writing. She holds BFA, Postgraduate diploma in Puppetry and a Masters in Theatre Production. She is fascinated by themes of ambivalence, bodily experience, and identity. In recent years she has collaborated with poet Andy Jackson on poetry/puppetry theatre works Ambiguous Mirrors and Each Map of Scars. Her stop motion puppet animation Secessionist with Leonie Van Eyk and Andy won and outstanding achievement award at the Berlin Flash Film Festival 2017. Rachael’s writing has appeared in numerous journals including Sleepers almanac, Overland and Australian Poetry Journal. In 2020, Rachael published her debut poetry collection The Hungry Air with Walleah Press.

My Raucous, Singing Ear

On the Train I’m sitting on a blue seat, two red ones in front of me and a sign above them illustrating what priority seating looks like. Outside the window of the metro train, the day speeds past the planted …

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