Joe Dolce

JOE DOLCE was born in Painesville, Ohio, USA, in 1947. He moved to Australia in 1979 and became a citizen in 2004. He lives in Carlton, Victoria, Australia and has been together with his partner for over three decades. Together they have six children and nine grandchildren. Twenty-one poems, including eleven song-lyrics, have been selected by LES MURRAY for publication in Quadrant in 2010-11. Six 'Lemonricks' are slated for Meanjin 2012. He was the winner of the 25th Launceston Poetry Cup at the 2010 TASMANIA POETRY FESTIVAL. He has recorded three albums and his first poetry book HATBOX was published in 2010. He is one of the principal and founding members, with LIN VAN HEK of the literary and music group, DIFFICULTWOMEN. He won Best Folk Gospel Song: Hill of Death, at the Australian Gospel Songwriting Awards, from a poem by Henry Lawson's mother, LOUISA LAWSON. He wrote, produced and performed, SHADDAP YOU FACE, which continues to hold the five times platinum record for the most successful song in Australian music history for thirty-one years straight. Hundreds of cover versions with translations into 10 languages, including the Australian aboriginal Indjibundji dialect. He was Executive Producer, lead guitarist and co-writer of the song, INTIMACY, sung by LIN VAN HEK, and included in the classic US sci-fi film, THE TERMINATOR, one of 25 movies listed for preservation, along with films such as The Asphalt Jungle, Deliverance, The Invisible Man and In Cold Blood, for cultural, historic and aesthetic significance, by the US Library of Congress. He is a recipient of the ADVANCE AUSTRALIA AWARD.

Korean Triptych

I: SŌSHI-KAIMEI occupiers gone Confucius removes jade mask   II: JEO in Shi Jing poems kimchi reduces wrinkles silkskin grandmother   III: CARPODACUS ROSEUS feathers of dawn cross the 38th parallel lost Pallas’ Rosefinch * Koreans forced to take Japanese …

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