Scott Thouard

Scott Thouard is a poet and a short fiction writer. He is working toward the publication of a chapbook of select poems and fiction.

The Perversity of Shadows

You hit the ground sunning- a flat aspect; veinless, non-arterial. Whilst, being; the mass grave of my cells.

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Bukowski at the Track

considers a seven year itch minus 2555 days of salve calculates 49 dog years without a flea dusting each algorithm he decides pales to the mediative scratch of a punter’s knuckle as he moves to the tote window

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decoy brains

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Pavlov’s Parasite

EcoBot II primed with faecal boasts a hanger of appetite flies typecast as Pavlov's parasites with poor regard leaving sucrose laden widows to buzz inconsolable a misshapen chador.

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Scott Thouard Reviews Liam Guilar

I'll Howl Before You Bury Me is a title that suggests an emotional reprisal. The poems in this collection protest the repressing of individual vitality in favour of congenial surrender to the beige touchstones of contemporary life.

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