Nora Iuga

Nora Iuga is one of Romania’s most important and original poets. Her first collection of poems, It Isn’t My Fault, was published in 1968. Her second book, The Circle’s Captivity (1970), was accused by Communist censors of disseminating ‘morbid eroticism,’ and as a result Iuga was banned from publishing. Between 1971 and 1978, her books were withdrawn from public libraries and bookstores in Romania. To date, she has published seven books of prose and 19 collections of poems, including the award-winning Opinions on Pain (1980) and, most recently, Next to the Road (2019). Iuga is also an acclaimed translator of over thirty books by German-language authors.

6 Nora Iuga Translations

oh, how I cheat myself how I shuffle my lovers the living and the dead in this tavern named poetry I always relished being a coquette black stockings   bright red nails you know it’s very hard today to carry this shopping …

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