Nikos Nomikos

Nikos Nomikos was born in Alexandria, Egypt and emigrated to Melbourne in 1964. He is the author of nine poetry collections, of which Noted Transparencies (Owl Press, 2016) is the first to appear in English. His poetry and artwork has received awards from the Art Union of Victoria, the E.E.A.M.A. (Association of the Hellenes of Egypt and the Middle East), the Society for Greek Studies, the S.A.E. (Council for Hellenes Abroad) and the International Academy for Letters and the Arts in Athens. His latest poetry collection, Η Πορεία της Βαθιάς Πηγής (The Course of the Deep Well-Spring), will be published in 2017.

Three Translated Nikos Nomikos Poems

The following poems are excerpted from Nikos Nomikos’s Σημειωμένες Διαφάνειες (Noted Transparencies), a collection of thirty poem-vignettes originally published in Greek in 2003. This translation is the first installment of a larger translation project aimed at bringing Nomikos’s poetry to the attention of the wider English-speaking literary community in Australia.

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