Nathan Sentance

Nathan ‘mudyi’ Sentance is a Wiradjuri librarian and critical essayist who grew up in Darkinjung Country. Nathan writes about critical librarianship and critical museology from a First Nations perspective and has been published in the Guardian, The Lifted Brow and Sydney Review of Books, and manages the blog The Archival Decolonist.

Nathan Sentance Reviews Fire Front: First Nations Poetry and Power Today Edited by Alison Whittaker

2020 is a hectic year, ay? Severe bushfires, Covid-19 outbreak, the subsequent lockdown, the colonial government funding an idolised re-enactment of the starting point of the invasion of these lands, Black people being harmed and murdered by state agents such as the police and those same police protecting boring statues of colonisers all while Rio Tinto destroys a 46,000-year-old sacred site.

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