Munira Tabassum Ahmed

Munira Tabassum Ahmed has produced work for SOFTBLOW, Runway Journal, The Lifted Brow, and elsewhere. She was a moderator for the 2021 Sydney Writers’ Festival and is an editor of Hyades Magazine. Recently, she conducted a Culture Makers Lab workshop with the Immigration Museum.

Somewhere Different

The river washes over my heart with caution— like this is the first time it has ever held a body. Somewhere different, I am born into the same tension. To hold is to recognise; my mother has named a hollow …

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Glossary for Our Women

           SKIN       HOMELAND       GOLD       BODY       MEANING       warm brown   earth   turning   over //   end of the   rainy   season       বাংলােদশ // the   space   where we   were   planted       sunlight   passed   down from   wrist   to wrist   //   translated:   “a   gift for   you”       the   aperture that   our   ancestors   inherit       SYNONYMS       truth,   motion //   growth,   carambola   see also:   gold,   body       lychee   flesh,   blood   spilt for a   language   see also: body       honey,   spark,   summer   see also:   skin,   stolen       the first   incision   into a   lychee’s   skin   see also:   homeland       ANTONYMS       paint,   mimicry,   false body    …

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