Morgan Godfery

Morgan Godfery(Te Pahipoto, Ngaati Manaipoto, Ngaai Tuhhoe, Ngaati Tuuwharetoa, Lalomanu (Samoa)) is a writer and trade unionist. He is the editor of The Interregnum, published by Bridget Williams Books in 2016, and has columns with Metro and The Guardian. Morgan also regularly appears on radio and television as a political commentator, has authored numerous academic chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles, and works in Research and Enterprise at the University of Otago and is an associate at The Workshop, a public policy thinktank. Morgan is also a former staffer for the late Parekura Horomia, the Minister of Māori Affairs in the 5th Labour government.

‘A foot between two whenua’: Morgan Godfery Interviews Hana Pera Aoake

I knew Hana Pera Aoake as a writer before I knew them as my partner. I remember one publication describing a piece of Hana’s that they were publishing as ‘a trigger-laden, genre-bending persona shrie’, which is perfect. The title of …

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