Maureen Gibbons

Maureen Gibbons has a Doctor of Creative Arts from Curtin University of Technology. Until recently she tutored in poetry and facilitated creative practice workshops for post-graduate research students. She is currently an active member of Out of the Asylum (OOTA)—a West Australian writers' group— and she serves on its committee. Her work has been broadcast on Radio National's PoeticA and published in Hecate, Poetrix, Blue Dog Australian Poetry, Spinybabbler, Australian Public Intellectual Network, Strange 3, The Weighing of the Heart: An Anthology of Emerging West Australian Poets, Rabbit: a journal for nonfiction poetry, The Butter Lady: A silhouette Biography in Verse.


A steed sculpted from driftwood casts a shadow, hurdles time, pegasus-like, to the orchard of childhood, to my father’s click of tongue, slap of reins on draft-horse rump; grip of sun-scoured hands on shafts of plough; a blade churning loam …

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