Marylyn Tan

Marylyn Tan is a queer, female, linguistics graduate, poet, and artist, who has been performing spoken word since 2014. She is invested in the building of community, emancipating the marginalised, and the alienated, endangered body. Her first volume of poetry, GAZE BACK (published by Ethos Books; Lambda Literary Award 2019 loser), is the lesbo Singaporean trans-genre witch grimoire you never knew you needed. Marylyn has been published in various anthologies, including A Luxury We Must Afford, Inheritance, and ASINGBOL Anthology. She writes for your bewilderment.

POME/struck | Tulala

bawlin is / the bigfeathered quill mmm ignorance runneth over yelling an every-word & wound loudmouth slicey dice bondage c/o each block of text gift of pent-up prisonment riddles each a safety barrier blockade crisping shut all meaning oozing thru …

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