Marty Ross

Marty Ross is a mathematical nomad. He is an American raised in Melbourne, he completed his PhD in mathematics at Stanford University and then lectured at various Australian universities. Twenty years ago, Marty teamed up with Burkard ‘The Mathologer’ Polster, to popularise mathematics and to save Australian mathematics education; they are failing on one and failing dismally on the other. They have written two books together, Math goes to the movies and A dingo ate my math book, and a third book, Putting two and two together: the Mathologer files, will appear later this year. Burkard and Marty's Dr. Jeckyll contributions can be found at, and Mr. Hyde resides at Together with the beautiful and fortuitously patient Ying, Marty is the parent of two lovely daughters, Eva and Lillian.

Family Mathematics: Continued Fractions

Although they look absurd to us now, continued fractions were once very well known, exactly because they make much easier sense of irrational numbers.

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