Marita May Dyson

Marita May Dyson, one half of The Orbweavers, is a multidisciplinary artist working in song, performance and visual art. Many of her musical compositions and performances are inspired by history and natural sciences. She has written, produced and released three studio albums, documentary soundtracks for film and television, and have performed across the country at music festivals and cultural institutions. In 2016, The Orbweavers received a State Library of Victoria Creative Fellowship to undertake research and write a suite of songs about Melbourne waterways, which will be presented through The Substation 2018 Commissioning Program.

Stony Creek

When it rains you flow by eleven quarry holes dub the town: Stoneopolis; of ballast stocks, interminable. Blast Chip Barge Ship Your ancient bed served London well: her pavement smooth and durable heels low and high, as distant feet, hooved, …

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The Lowlands (West Melbourne Swamp)

Through boulders grey and honeycombed, carving out a bed in time, two rivers meet on the south west side. The ebb and flow now realigned. Paved and railed. Containerised. Roadways hard against the tide. To cross you, morning and at …

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Moonee Moonee Chain of Ponds

With your reeds and your black swans this is The Railway. I’ve come to carve your circles straight I’ve come to bring your edges parallel and there: a ribbon of blue you’ll be to carry the coal that feeds me …

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Walking West

Out across The Lowlands, drifting with the coal dust to find home footing. Iron girder railway bridge, Footscray high upon the lava ridge. We reach a tidal canal: remnant waters ephemeral, born of floodplains salt lagoons. Blue rich. Then two …

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Waiting on the saltpans, watching from the high ground: tide tide tide through the traps. Sun burns and burns the crystals bright, I narrow my eyes to the glistening light. A scatter of sodium chloride and silt, desiccant diamonds on …

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The Orbweaver’s Newer Volcanics

We are researching western Melbourne waterways through the period of the late-nineteenth and twentieth centuries, to write and produce a suite of creative works which explore industrial history and environmental change over time, and the lives of people who lived and worked along their banks.

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