Marilyne Bertoncini

Marilyne Bertoncini is a poet, translator, and co-editor of the online review Recours au Poème. She divides her time between Nice, on the French Riviera, and Parma, in Italy. Among her most recent poetry collections are L‘Anneau de Chillida (L’Atelier du Grand Tétras 2018), Mémoire vive des replis / Memoria viva delle pieghe (bilingual edition, PVTST 2019) and Sable (Transignum 2019). Sable, the collection from which these English translations are taken, has also been published in illustrated bilingual editions alongside German and Romanian translations.

Three Self-translations in Three Languages by Marilyne Bertoncini

Souvenir – Ricordo – Memory The grey Deûle flows inside its greyish banks. Dreams are reflected within the water grass, and changing fates sketch and mirror fleeting drafts beneath the water clouds where the sun hides with the sparrows in …

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Marilyne Bertoncini’s ‘The Night of Lilac’

Marilyne and I got to know each other when Marilyne very stylishly translated some poems of mine in 2009.When I read Marilyne’s poem ‘Nuit de Lilas’, I was intrigued and moved by the poem’s sensuousness and musicality, its shimmering painterly effect and sheer lift – an earthy immediacy heightened by the exotic. How could I carry across this airy and erotic blend of music, perfume and colour? It was clear that I would need to strive for the patterns of sound,format and image, and also that I might need some background and some botanical advice.

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