Marc Gaba

Marc Gaba's first full-length book, Have, came out of Tupelo Press in 2011 and was recently awarded the Global Filipino Literary Award. He has also published two chapbooks, How Sound Becomes a Name (2007) and Nouveau Bored (2009), both out of High Chair Press. Atomic Neutral (2011) was a single-edition chapbook, the poems of which were secreted into eggs. Gaba’s artistic practice encompasses the fields of visual art and theater. He currently works as part of a team that develops new content for TV5. He is slowly working on a second full-length play about intercultural, public sex in the Philippines.

Four Poems by Marc Gaba

I am an artist who loves lines. Vanitas at the speed of light he turned no further were we once an inviolate sorrow, an eyeful of apologies, too quick, or late enough in the instant to recoil from absence the …

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