Lucina Kathmann

Lucina Kathmann, born in the United States, has lived in Mexico for over 25 years. Novelist, short story writer, journalist and essayist in Spanish and English, she is a member of the worldwide writers organization International PEN, of which she has been Chair of the Women Writers Committee and now is an International Vice President.

Destination Kurdistan

The Kurdish Center of International PEN, the worldwide association of writers, invited me, as an International Vice-president of PEN, to travel with a group of Kurdish writers on a one-week bus trip through Kurdistan in March, 2005. Nestled in the …

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The Woman Who Knows Latin (Inglés)

Women writers in Mexico, like women writers the world over, and perhaps I should say all writers the world over, work against a background of many real and potential threats to their freedom of expression. I have written in the …

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Mujer que sabe latín (Español)

Las escritoras en México, como las escritoras en todo el mundo, y tal vez mejor dicho, como todos los escritores en todo el mundo, trabajan contra un fondo de muchas amenazas, potenciales y actuales, contra su libertad de expresión. En …

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