Lucas Weschke

Lucas Weschke makes bold block prints, usually depicting people or animals in a landscape or setting. His pictures are characterised by simple lines, blocked shapes and flat colours, imparting an abstract quality and suggesting a less tangible landscape. He was born in Redruth in 1958 and grew up in West Penwith, living first at Zennor and then at Cape Cornwall. From the artists working in the region at that time, he came to appreciate the strength of an authentic personal statement made by visual means. He left Cornwall in 1977 to study Modern Languages at Bristol Polytechnic. He has lived and worked in Dorset since 1996.

Introduction to Kris Hemensley’s Your Scratch Entourage

How can one write words about a poet? Last year, Kris Hemensley and I considered Émile Chartier (Alain)’s assertion that ‘men are afraid to complete their thoughts’, on our way to visit Greta Berlin, whom I had first met in Zennor as a small child and whose father, Sven Berlin, had enthralled a young Kris Hemensley in 1963 with the accoutrements of the artist and his first taste of red wine. And down by the harbour in Weymouth, we had already discovered a shared admiration for W S Graham. A framework was emerging.

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