Lisa Jacobson

Lisa Jacobson is an award-winning poet and fiction writer. Her verse novel, The Sunlit Zone (Five Islands Press), won the 2014 Adelaide Festival John Bray Poetry Award. This book was also shortlisted for four other national awards: the Prime Minister's Literary Awards, the Stella Prize, the Wesley Michel Wright Prize and, as a manuscript, for the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards. An earlier poetry collection, Hair & Skin & Teeth (Five Islands Press), was shortlisted for the National Book Council Awards. In 2011 she won the Bruce Dawe National Poetry Prize. Her work has been published in Australia, Canada, Indonesia, the U.S. and the U.K. She has studied literature at Melbourne and La Trobe Universities, and remains an Honorary Research Fellow at La Trobe. Her new poetry collection, South in the World (UWA Publishing) will be released later this year (2014). She lives in Melbourne with her partner and daughter.

War Horse

After ‘Napoleon Crossing the Alps’ by Jacques-Louis David (1801) Napoleon was a small man who did big things many other small men wouldn’t dare to do. But sitting for portraits made him fidgety so we don’t see much of him …

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Who Is to Say

That Parisian woman who did not like her children is long gone while I remain, who love my own too much. Although her red armchair still occupies the space beneath the window in your study. There was the day we …

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Tentang Mengajari Anak Perempuanku Berkuda | Teaching My Daughter to Ride a Horse

Tentang Mengajari Anak Perempuanku Berkuda Di atas kuda, Anak perempuanku menjadi makhluk lain pegasus bersayap anak-api yang berkata: Ayo, jalan, mama, jalan! Dan, Apa tak bisa lebih cepat? Kaki anak perempuanku menjepit tubuh si kuda persis seperti dulu menjepit tubuhku …

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All Things

Persephone How can I tell her, my own mother, that I long for the autumn to turn? When I first take his seeds upon my tongue I gag, but soon I swallow them with ease. The earth swallows me in …

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There are ghosts of me here, and a trace of the old circle in the grass my father mowed so we girls could ride our horses in the park. We reach the metal gate that leads up to the paddock …

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“how big is the actual heart? – the size and heaviness of a handful of earth.” Anne Michaels, Fugitive Pieces Today we heard your heart beat, sparrow-quick, a thready pulse in the static of some vast inland sea; unmapped water, …

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Evolutionary Tales Nº1: Flight and Distant Travel

From this distance, I’m small and quiet, being all curled up in this poem and waiting inside the woman who lies spread-eagled, silenced by the temperament of generations. Her husband cradles a book, whose contents no one remembers, and as …

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