이시영 (LEE Si-yeong)

LEE Si-young (b. 1949) was born in Gure, South Jeolla Province. He studied creative writing in Seorabeol Arts College and Korean Literature at the Graduate School of Korea University. He made his literary debut in 1969 and published lots of poetry collections including Full Moon (1976), Into the Wind (1986), Lightening Rod and Heart (1989), Pattern (1994), In Between (1996), Calm and Blue Sky (1997), Silver Whistle (Eunbit hogak, 2003), Ocean Lake (2004), For Our Dead People (2007). As a poet of delicate sensibilities, his poetry has always responded to our complex realities stained with war, violence, hatred, despair, and contamination.

염소 걸음 (The Way Goats Walk)

이 세상의 모든 염소 걸음은 슬프다 주인 곁에 바짝 붙어 아무런 의심도 없이 또각거리며 걷는 그들의 발걸음이 너무도 진지하고 공순하기 때문이다

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성읍 마을을 지나며 (Passing through Seongeup Village)

말의 선량한 눈동자를 바라보고 있으면 바람이 불어오는 쪽의 가난한 저녁을 알 것만 같다.

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