Laia Llobera i Serra

Laia Llobera i Serra (Barcelona, 1983) is an award-winning Catalan poet. Her first published collection, Cicles, received the 26th annual Poetry Prize 'Divendres Culturals de Cerdanyola' in 2009, and her second, Més enllà dels grills, earned the distinguished 2011 Alella a Maria Oleart Prize. In 2012 she published a children’s book entitled Corre Corre Timbú. Her third volume of poetry, Certesa de la llum, was published in 2014 by LaBreu Edicions.

4 Translated Laia Llobera i Serra Poems

Image courtesy of Time Out Barcelona Untitled And everything that could portend clarity. Ceiba trees, twilights, winged stallions, cities, solstices, citadels … I tot el que pugui anunciar claredat. Ceibes, crepuscles, cavalls alats, ciutats, solsticis, serrals.

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