Kia Groom

Kia Groom is an Australian writer currently residing in New Orleans. The recipient of an Academy of American Poets award, the runner-up for the 2014 Judith Wright Poetry Prize, and a pushcart nominee, Groom’s work has been published in Going Down Swinging, Australian Book Review, Westerly, Permafrost and others. Her work has been anthologised in Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry and is forthcoming in various other collections. She tweets @whodreamedit

At Cervantes

Tilted, the landscape becomes an aged face biting the bruised peach sky. This desert is all teeth: cancrum oris over wrinkles of sand, limestone grimace— or snarl? Children pick between her canines, sticking in cracks like fruit pulp. Tourists cling …

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Alice at Last

Either the well was very deep, or she fell very slowly … – Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland I un-wake to damage. Neurotic light-bulb flicks once off, once on, illuminates imagined city skyline. Inside my bedroom it rains for days. …

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Inferno III: The Hanged Man

The roaches scuttle out from under old chip packets, kebab wrappers. One AM on a Sunday; mad as hot and twice as hell. I left my voice back at the bar, hanging in a slur around a friend’s strange mouth. …

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