Kerry Leves

Kerry Leves (1948-2011) was a highly regarded poet, having published in a number of journals and magazines over the years. His books include Green, Poems 1971-78 (1978), Territorial (1996); Water Roars, Illusions Burn (2002); and A Shrine to Lata Mangeshkar (2007). In 2010, Leves was commissioned by Barry Scott of Transit Lounge Press to write an introduction to Vicki Viidikas: New and Rediscovered.

Foreword Viidikas: Reintroduction of the ’68 Poet

John Tranter, renowned Australian poet and occasional but incisive chronicler of the driving forces behind those Australian poets now classified as ‘The Generation of ‘68’ once wrote that the ‘Generation of ‘68’ was all about:

‘not the replacing of the old by the new (which soon becomes the established), but by the continual recognition of the need to ‘make it new’, to break down the urge to establish reputations and an entrenched position.’

Anecdotes surround Vicki Viidikas. None is definitive.

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