Ken Smeaton

Smeaton has published White Sheet (The Poetry Lab, 1982), REAL FACE (Abalone Press, 1987), Coooeeee (The Poetry Lab, 1987) and Love Poet Live (Eaglemont Press, 2001). His stories have appeared in Australian Short Stories and Going Down Swinging. He began in the Street Poetry movement in Melbourne in the early 1970s. Smeaton has an extensive background working in the background as a Literature Festival Director for Fringe and various Victorian municipalities over the years. His interest is still in the democracy of the Open read Poetry Venues. At present, he is assembling films of poets made over 30 years into a publishable form.

War on the Home Front

One. The Soldier: 6 June 2012. Fallen into a war he cannot win In conflict with sobriety So long in the field his socks are filthy Skin dry, caked in dirt and mapped in blood He has not showered, cannot …

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