John H. McGlynn

John H. McGlynn, a graduate of the University of Michigan Ann Arbor (1981), lives in Jakarta where, in 1987, he established the Lontar Foundation, the only organization in the world devoted to the publication of Indonesian literature in translation. Through Lontar, he has overseen the publication of more than one hundred books on Indonesian literature and culture. Also through Lontar, he has produced twenty-four films on Indonesian writers and more than thirty films on Indonesian performance traditions. John is the Indonesian country editor for Manoa, a literary journal published by the University of Hawaii and for Words Without Borders, a virtual literary journal. He is a member of the International Commission of the Indonesian Publishers Association (IKAPI), PEN International-New York and the Association of Asian Studies. He is also a trustee of AMINEF, the American Indonesian Exchange Foundation, which oversees the Fulbright and Humphrey scholarship programs in Indonesia.

Writing | Menulis

Writing I plane planks of letters to build a fortress in your heart a place constructed entirely of words of utter and stolid conviction here you will not tire of counting the days because unless you start all traces will …

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Mythology | Mitologi

Mythology As a child he like looking at himself in the mirror in his mother’s room. “That’s you,” his mother said as she released a bird inside him. The bird was beautiful, with clear pupils and a rose colored beak. …

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Mei | Mei

Mei Jakarta, 1998 To the fire, Mei, I offered your beautiful body. You went to take a bath that evening. You bathed in fire. Fire loves you, Mei, so very much. Fire laps at your body even its most hidden …

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A Poet Once More | Menjadi Penyair Lagi

A Poet Once More I found strands of your hair, Melva, in Karang Setra On the smooth ceramic floor. I always think of you When I see ads for soap, shampoo, and toothpaste Or dangdut singers on the tv. Now, …

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Rats | Tikus-tikus

Rats Rats stop me in my path The rats now hoisting a flag and looking cynically my way The rats embracing a flagpole legs planted stiffly on the garbage bin The flag, of indeterminate colors flutters in the night Which …

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