Johanna Featherstone

Johanna Featherstone established The Red Room Company in 2003. Her poetry has featured in journals such as Quadrant and the Best Australian Poems. In 2006 she created a series of literary TV shows, The Wordshed, in partnership with The University of Western Sydney where she is a research associate. She is an honorary associate of The University of Sydney's School of Letters, Arts and Media. Johanna received a fellowship from the St James Ethics Center in 2008. Her chapbook Felt was released in 2010 by Vagabond Press.

Johanna Featherstone Reviews History and the Poet

Although Robert Wood’s History and the Poet is described as essay, it defies being labelled as one genre. Perhaps like the definition of poetry itself, which shifts and changes between individuals and contexts, language and culture, so do Wood’s words.

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