Hannah Donnelly

Hannah Donnelly is a Wiradjuri writer who grew up on Gamilaroi country. She is the creator of Sovereign Trax Indigenous music blog which aims to foreground the consumption of music that speaks to collective stories and identities. Her writing experiments with speculative fiction and Indigenous responses to climate change.

Soft Edges

tea is a bush art stoke the fire whisper to coals with a charred billy can boil rainwater on smoky white box don’t even consider a bag leaves in the teapot steep black oolong wait and wait and wait add …

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After the End of Their World

Commissioned for The Public Body .03, Artspace, Sydney (2018) Waterless country spread out underneath Yandamula. She was windsurfing the dust storm over the desert place with her sisters, tracking the vegetation map back to the tussock grasslands. It was dry, …

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Translated from the English to the Konkani (Roman script) by Favita Dias Ashir ghannitlean ami payachea botacher chollun darvatea tarfen gelim. Durgachi deg sodun kadit, grey mulgachi zhada soglleak ximpadleat ani parkhe ton sagllem bhirankull. Poilim folini girest desh atam …

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