Fiona White

Fiona White’s artwork has been inspired by people from all corners of the globe. Creating stories from life and imagination that serve as the inspiration for subsequent subject matter. As a consequence the artwork often has a specific narrative and so can be seen as a comment on the idea of community and belonging, but may also be viewed generically as a depiction of the human condition. The pieces are mixed-media; figures are drawn in compressed charcoal, while the remainder of the artistic process is applied in thick layers of acrylic to which several layers of lacquer are added for a high gloss finish that is rich in texture. Whites’s work has been included in the Korean International Art Fair, London Olympics Artshow, BHP Billiton Collection, and was a Winner of the Human Justice Award for The Blake Prize. Her work is included in private collections in USA, Italy, UK and Hong Kong.


I said, don’t put a frame
around me.
I’m not your art.

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