Favita Dias

Favita Dias is an emerging voice among Goa’s tribal youth. She writes about the process of embracing her tribal identity despite the fear of discrimination being faced in savari, a website run by dalit women activists. She has worked in research projects like ‘Ethnic Relations of Expatriate Workers: A Gulf Model’ and ‘The Local Bases of Global health: Primary Health Care in South Asia and beyond, 1945-2010’. Currently she teaches Sociology at Maria Bambina Higher Secondary School, Cuncolim and has just finished with a course ‘Society and Architecture’ at Goa College of Architecture. She is in the process of re-working her Masters dissertation on Religion, Religiosity and Morality: A Study of Guilt Related to Sexuality Among Goa University Students.


Translated from the English to the Konkani (Roman script) by Favita Dias Ashir ghannitlean ami payachea botacher chollun darvatea tarfen gelim. Durgachi deg sodun kadit, grey mulgachi zhada soglleak ximpadleat ani parkhe ton sagllem bhirankull. Poilim folini girest desh atam …

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