Eun-Gwi Chung was born in 1969 in Kyungju, Korea. She received her Ph.D from the Poetics Program at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Now an Assistant Professor of English Department at Inha University, she is teaching American poetry and translation theory and practice. In 2005, she received the Daesan Foundation Translation Grant for Korean Literature and in 2010, a Translation Grant from the Korea Literature Translation Institute (KLTI). She has translated many poems including Lee Seong-bok’s Ah Mouthless Things and has also joined many KLTI translation projects. In January, 2010, she co-edited the special section “Korea Reunified?” of World Literature Today, introducing contemporary Korean poetry and novels to readers outside of Korea.

In the Republic of Words: Ethics of Translation and the Politics of Contemporary Korean Poetry

In a book I recently read with my students in an undergraduate translation class, the writer sets forth twenty provocative theses on translation in this era of globalisation for a new comparative literature, ranging from ‘Nothing is translatable’ to ‘Everything …