Enzo Minarelli

Born in 1951, Enzo Minarelli has been involved in relationships with sound, writing and video since the early Seventies. He has published many books of poetry, among them: Poesie Doccaso (Reggio Emilia,1993), El Poemméxico (Mexico City 1988), Multipoesie Melogrammatiche (Mulino di Bazzano 1981), as well as essays about the history of sound poetry in the twentieth century, such as Vocalità & Poesia (Elytra 1995), and La Voce della Poesia - Vocoralità del Novecento (Campanotto 2008). In 1983 he founded 3ViTre PAIR Editions of Polypoetry, a magazine on record format. He published a Manifesto of Polypoetry in 1987, an attempt to theorize the live show of sound poetry, and performed many one-man shows of his "poetry of the image" both in Italy and abroad. Also a videopoet, he has produced with the Centro Video Arte di Ferrara many videopomes since 1982, among them the videosoundpoetry installations ‘The Flag’ (1989) and ‘The Shop’ (1991).

Intervistare la voce: Charles Bernstein

This interview is dedicated to Nicholas Zurbrugg (1947-2001), who brought Enzo Minarelli and I together at a conference at De Montfort University just before Nick’s sudden death. Nick taught at Griffith University, in Brisbane, Australia for 17 years, starting in 1995, before moving back to England.

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