Emma Barnes

Emma Barnes calls Wellington, New Zealand home. She lives in the Aro Valley in a house that was once a post office. Barnes has been previously published in Landfall, Sport, Hue & Cry, Snorkel and Best New Zealand Poems (2008 and 2010) as well as the New Zealand issue of Shenandoah. She's currently writing a series about Sigourney Weaver.

I am a man

“Here she is” they say of my body. I lifted my breasts into my clothing this morning. I say. I am a man for all weathers. A man for all withers. You said: The horse is loose. I capital I …

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Long Form Thought

You are the inside out left hand glove I slip onto my right hand in morning too dim to tell what I’m doing. You do the job. My whole body is one giant fracture as I force it to walk …

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Tangle and Snare

We’re a triangle tangle and snare. The moon is to our left and we are a wreck on the shore of modern depictions of love. In the harbor you say that you’re on one ship, or on another cruise or …

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Sigourney Weaver Helps Me Out of Some Feelings (Not Pants)

Sometimes when I consider the inside of my brain it seems like it must be honeycomb not flesh. Or the symmetrical petals of a complex flower. Sigourney Weaver always looks like she wants to tell me to go run around …

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