Claire Potter

Claire Potter is author of two chapbooks, and a full-length collection, Swallow. She lives in London.

After Chopin

Out from elms, floating and rising, shrouds of dust play across the sand. There’s something alarming in how quickly the shapes move against my will as if they might carry you away with them. Celestial. Pious. Cowled like monks. They …

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Pendaratan yang Salah | False Landing

Pendaratan yang Salah Membeli barang-barang yang dia inginkan perhiasan hati di angin – Minum krim brendi, bernyanyi bersama sesuai irama tusukan-tok jam. Tempatkan hasil uang kemenangan di bawah tumpukan kotoran sapi Menebar lavender ke dalam setiap baris Memasang kawat peledak …

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In Lieu of Feeling

In the dim hours, you’ll ask for a poem about chips, a request you think will unnerve me, but this morning, after a twilight of revolt and insomnia I realise, after reading the latest figures, that a disarmed heart is …

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