Chris Oakey

Christopher Oakey is a Sydney-based poet and researcher. He has published across multiple periodicals, including Cordite Poetry Review, Southerly Literary Journal, Contrapasso Magazine and others. He is currently working on his first book-length collection.

In Memoriam

One by one they all leave us behind Walking into surf or slipping through trees they leave us On long slabs of bitumen who created this language – we survive. It seemed fitting that he should go forever As the …

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Program Summer;

Program Summer;      Begin         Repeat         write ‘The summer has come early this year, I think.’         IF TheSummerHasComeEarly equals true THEN             write ‘I dream a thick electric blue’             write ‘like Sydney Nolan. I dream Ned Kelly eyes.’         IF TheSummerHasComeEarly does not …

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The king goes under for the third time, the birds are not of this world. Every ship that ever set sail or steered beyond the known, making landfall on a beach of bones. ~ Passing beneath your window, tongue in …

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