Chris Armstrong

Chris Armstrong is a writer of poetry and fiction and has been published in Overland, Griffith Review, Plumwood Mountain, Eureka, Cordite, as well as regional anthologies. Chris won second prize in the 2015 Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize and in 2014 was awarded an ASA Emerging Writers Mentorship for her first poetry manuscript, The Watershed.

The Political Poem

No-one offers appropriation of the physical. I won’t sit myself in the chair, lay my hands on its arms watch the shackles click shut panic, as the hood is placed over my eyes … * They say don’t start with …

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The Bees

Do not scroll past this bit this post is the clincher you know that girl and I celebrating 5 years of friendship this is the place where together we save the bees. I don’t know why the bees are endangered, …

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the secret actually looking me in the eye the balls it’s too late Everything an unimaginable mystery my swallow response the key, but really beauty , vagrant ? The laughing body reclaiming its landscape. never abandoned curl into the crash …

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At 1,545 metres, before the winter jip.and beneath the precipitous bluff, how private and brutal can you be? In my dreams in this Insomnia City (the night after the night before) rolling down the hill.with Sally with the one …

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South – Compass Points (남 – 나침판의 자침)

It has to be north or south it could be sou’sou’east or nor’nor west or ENE or SSW and nudging like they truly do and why not it no longer has to be left or right it could be left …

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North – Compass Points (북-나침판의 자침)

It could be that the event had political repercussions which are beyond the compass of this poem maybe because his was not the side with those goods and services which fall within the compass of the free market even though …

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