Cassie Lewis

Cassie Lewis was born in Papua New Guinea to Australian parents, and travelled in South East Asia when very young. She lived in Melbourne, Australia after that. In 2000, she moved to the SF Bay Area, and later, to Western NY. Her writing has been published in Poetry, Cordite, Southerly and other places. The Blue Decodes is her most recent book, from Grand Parade Poets (2016). The Melbourne Art Song Collective used her poem Katun River as the lyrics to a series of pieces for The Debussy Project (2017). Her work appears in Best Australian Poets 2017 and a number of anthologies.

System as Sociopath: Poetics, Politics and Nursing in a Letter from the States

Christmas Eve on the unit. The nurses’ station is in the middle of a long corridor, consisting of a low counter about ten feet long. A couple of psychiatric nurses are seated at laptops on wheeled stands, looking through medication orders, writing notes.

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Katun River

I. This story wants to be told in bed. Its breathless subject stays awake but it is darker than us both and we are frightened. You wear your toughness like comedy. Women love the caveats, to- fix-you sadness. Collecting clusters …

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Method Actor

Feel along the wall for an opening. Din. A helicopter lands on the hospital roof. “Then prove it.” Rush of something. Walk backwards in lanyards to my hill You are there but it was never green. You are shielding your …

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Melbourne Poem

I A nightmare about two land masses, and the wind is too strong to fly across. Fashion photography of melting ice. Less and less control archeology is all upturned faces unexpected digs anthropologists stumble on thawing soldiers in mountain slough. …

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writer’s block drowns the capital in tears

We are ugly, but we are here with our poems for an unknown battle and literary news in buzzwords. Three am. Elders should be washed back and scarlet. A manhole cover lifts open. Arturo laughs so loudly he drowns the …

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Cassie Lewis Reviews Ted Nielsen

The Australia that unfurled from the 1980s onwards is ever-present in Ted Nielsen's poems. However, this is not a poetry of sentimentalism – shared icons act like familiar furniture in a strange room. New technology, with the possible futures it breeds, breathes through this book. Additionally, the author carries his leftist politics into the current conservative landscape – testing them, honing them.

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Know your luck, stray from it as soon as it is known. Luminous party – despite a sky purple with rage, pummelling taxis. Formulaic, these desires seem very old and I can't stop tearing up the evidence. Life gets sodden …

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