Caitlin Doyle-Markwick

Caitlin Doyle-Markwick is an activist, writer and performer from Sydney. Her writing has appeared in publications like Antipodes, Overland, Mascara Literary Review and Sydney Review of Books, and has been shortlisted for the Fair Australia and Victoria University prizes. With her theatre collective, BigMuscles SadHeart, she has produced two plays and hosts a regular performance night in Sydney. Her latest play, As She Lay, will premier in 2020 at the Old 505 Theatre.

Figures in the Water

What, Sir, would you have us do? Rub powdered glass into the folds of old faces to make them anew? Press the wasted shoulder to the wheel just to drive the point? Turn young chests to coal face and tell …

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Precede Me

I forced myself one day to remove those gilded gloves I had donned for so long and feel the perspiration gathering on my neck. I revealed fingers, exquisitely imperfect fingers that clambered ahead of me, serving as my sight when …

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