Broede Carmody

Broede Carmody is a writer from north-eat Victoria. His first collection of poetry, Flat Exit, was published by Cordite Books in 2017. His work has also appeared in Meanjin, Voiceworks and Stilts.


for Kat Muscat Three years on and your husk-sweet voice so close I could lean back and touch it. Cigarette spirals and eggshell blue. Winter sunlight skidding sideways gutters heave with rain. I am knee-deep in a wide-cut river arms …

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I placed a sprig of rosemary at your feet

Grief is finding bits of Tim Tams in your bed even though you haven’t slept there for two days. I want to move to a place where they will laugh at my dingo accent. Pine needles pressed to cold cheeks …

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for Amber Beilharz We wrestle bone-shapes from sand too quick to crumble. The landscape heaves and trembles at your touch. Air bruising from the wet brush of our words. I pry molluscs from shallow rock pools and you liberate them …

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Postcard from Oulu

You pull faces at a sun that doesn’t quite set. The wind speaks Scandinavian tongues and the trees shiver and sway—hypnotic waltz in the mind. Lakehouses creak in tune with your grandmother’s bones; scent of pine intoxicating every stretch of …

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