Brentley Frazer

Brentley Frazer is a widely published Australian poet. His poems and other writings have been published in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, U.K, U.S.A, India, Japan and Slovenia. He is currently (2015) in the final stages of a PhD (poetry/experimental literature/creative nonfiction) at Griffith University supervised by the poet Anthony Lawrence and the writer Nigel Krauth. Visit for more poems and other literary experiments.

Tears in the Symphony

I feel like a terrible thespian or maybe a great comedian playing a retarded character, like Freddy Benson. Other-days I feel like that guy who shot himself during The Watchmen, like an octopus in a tank of lobsters. Your lips …

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Listerineā„¢ on skinned knees

Your whale tethered to a pier is symbol of the difference between our generations, this process of being that fosters experience, this treacle dimension in which the unknown discovers itself. It's gotten thinner this syrup, since you ran for your …

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Brentley Frazer Reviews MTC Cronin

WOW! I had to read beautiful, unfinished 16 times before I had enough courage to even begin thinking about reviewing it. Cronin wields language like an ax with scented blade, its hits your brain with a squishy sounding clunk but it's so pretty you want to make out with it.

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Brentley Frazer Reviews Justin Lowe

'When reading Justin Lowe, I keep looking over my shoulder, even on the bus, not as though I am being watched, more as if I expect to see someone who looks like a master philosopher from the middle ages who has traveled through time to observe us, here and now, taking down notes.'

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Brentley Frazer Reviews Rebecca Edwards

Scar Country contains poems recognisable from Edwards' early Metro Press publication, Eating the Experience. Her editors are to be commended for including these early poems, as they serve as an excellent introduction to the texts of a fine and strong Australian poet, even as we familiarise ourselves with her self-exploratory, anatomical style of writing.

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