Benito Di Fonzo

Benito is a journalist, playwright, puppeteer, poet, pauper, pirate, pope, pawn and a king. He's been up and down and over and out, but he knows one thing, each time he finds himself flat on his face he just picks himself up and gets back in the race, because that's life. Benito has written for, and been profiled by, some of the finest, and lowest, publications, including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, and Bardlfy Magazine, of which he was the editor, and possibly the only reader. Benito has performed his poems, tragicomic travelogues and self-deprecatory diatribes in theatres, bars, pubs, parks and piazzas in London, Edinburgh, Sydney, Melbourne, Rome, Adelaide, Perth, Byron (NSW) and Ubud (Indonesia). Several of Benito's plays have been performed at The Sydney Opera House, which is that big place on the harbour with the wings, so there. His favourite colour is irrelevant.

money put aside for money will money into money

money put aside for money will money into money its the same with semen, but stickier than honey so all things that can be saved can also be expended, and drowned in abandoned wardrobes of borrowed clothes were as solid …

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What For? (Epic Triad Version)

money put aside for money will money into money

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Australians in Rome (the boys)

I was introduced to some australians in rome they were three boys from the sticks of country victoria blowing it all on their big euro trip 3 days a city – barcelona, rome, paris, amsterdam, etc. they'd been drinking all …

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Benito Di Fonzo Reviews B. R. Dionysius

The title poem of Bacchanalia by B. R. Dionysius is a muscular, vivacious and absorbing piece of prose poetry that starts like a fifteen year old's diary entry but morphs darkly into something more akin to a police statement. It is original and exciting. Unfortunately, however, many other poems in this collection do not share these qualities.

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