Becker Beckerbone

Olivetti M. Millado, also known as Becker Beckerbone, was born and raised in Zambales Philippines, and is a single mother of five. A Marketing Admin for Hinabing Mga Salita Publishing House, she is a member of POWER FOUR, a group of 4 Filipina women who are passionate about writing poetry. She was a two-time finalist for the Migrant Poetry Competition in 2017 and 2019, and was one of the contributors for Call and Response, an anthology featuring poems from both migrant and Singaporean poets. She has also contributed to some published books in the Phillppines (GTB 1 and 2, Fascinating Septon), and has had her poems published in True Friends, a Hong Kong-based magazine. Writing poetry and short stories is one of her hobbies and greatest passion—it is her way of contemplating and viewing life, as well as to express her feelings to others and touch their lives.

POME/struck | Tulala

bawlin is / the bigfeathered quill mmm ignorance runneth over yelling an every-word & wound loudmouth slicey dice bondage c/o each block of text gift of pent-up prisonment riddles each a safety barrier blockade crisping shut all meaning oozing thru …

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