Audrey Molloy

Audrey Molloy is an Irish poet living in Sydney on Gadigal land. Her debut collection, The Important Things (The Gallery Press, 2021), won the 2021 Anne Elder Award. Her second collection, The Blue Cocktail, will be published by The Gallery Press in 2023. Audrey has an MA in Creative Writing (Poetry) from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Coffee Donuts

for Nicola I’d never had a confidante before. You looked at me like I was the salmon of knowledge, and, sure, I knew calculus and could recite King Lear and the periodic table of the elements, and I was told …

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Stick Woman

In the park next to our block, on a floor of dry twigs and leaves— Grace and I, on low striped deckchairs, a flask of water and some dates between us. The little ones run rings around the trees. We …

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We were tossed coracle to sand each side of a line that once ran like a guy-rope between us but now divided yours from mine, nothing ours but our border. I waited some time at the edge looking for you. …

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