Anuja Mitra

Anuja Mitra lives in Auckland, where she is finishing a Law and Arts degree majoring in English Literature and Classical Studies. Her poetry and prose have appeared in the New Zealand journals Signals, Sweet Mammalian, The Three Lamps, Mayhem and Poetry NZ, and her work was featured in the National Library exhibition The Next Word: Contemporary New Zealand Poetry in 2017-2018. She has also written theatre and poetry reviews for Tearaway, Theatre Scenes, Minarets and the New Zealand Poetry Society. She is co-founder of the online arts magazine Oscen.

On Speaking and Unheard Women: Interrogating Classical Silence in the Poetry of Anna Jackson and Helen Rickerby

When we meet Cassandra in Aeschylus’s ‘Agamemnon’ – this stolen princess, this famed beauty turned ill-starred prophet, hauled onstage as Agamemnon’s prize for victory over the Trojans – she is silent for 270 lines.

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