Angelita Biscotti

Angelita Biscotti’s work has appeared in Overland, Cordite, The Lifted Brow, Archer and elsewhere. She is a non-binary Spanish-Filipinx-unAustralian settler living in unceded Boon Wurrung Country. Her creative practice includes improvised performance, queer astrological counselling for millennials and Gen Z, poetry, design, experimental non-fiction, and baby steps in electronic music-making. The 2022 dream is to work on an EP inspired by planetary motion. Instagram: @angelita.biscotti

SORRY IM JUST A BASIC HYSTERIC!!!!!!!! a love & farewell letter to the clyde hotel on cardigan.

hysteria might be an intolerance for the messiness of gender a wilderness of being, no civitas beneath stockings unclothed, i am most invisible to myself unclothed was that the kettle? fish be to god, glory, highhighhhhhHHHHHHHHHHsssshhhhH there is no such …

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Angelita Biscotti Reviews TAKE CARE by Eunice Andrada

‘The actor is a heart athlete,’ Antonin Artaud wrote in 1958. He was writing about theatre, but I wonder if the same could be said of the poet. ‘To arrive at the emotions through their powers instead of regarding them as pure extraction, confers a mastery on an actor equal to a true healer’s. A crude empiricist, a practitioner guided by vague instinct. To use emotions the same way a boxer uses muscles. To know there is a physical outlet for the soul. (93 – 95).

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