Amie Weiss

Amie Weiss is a classical violinist and literary translator based near Brescia, in Northern Italy. She is the co-director of Periscope for Arts and translates for the cultural association LAUTER (Ferrara, Italy), collaborating with a number of museums, art publishing houses, authors, music ensembles and performing artists. As a musician, Weiss performs with numerous groups in Europe and the United States. She has lived and worked in Chile, the Palestinian Territories, Germany, Spain, France and New York City.

4 Translated Laia Llobera i Serra Poems

Image courtesy of Time Out Barcelona Untitled And everything that could portend clarity. Ceiba trees, twilights, winged stallions, cities, solstices, citadels … I tot el que pugui anunciar claredat. Ceibes, crepuscles, cavalls alats, ciutats, solsticis, serrals.

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