Alex Selenitsch

is a Melbourne-based poet and architect and is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning, University of Melbourne. His creative practice ranges from literature and graphics to sculpture, furniture and architecture. He exhibits this work nationally, and examples are held in various national and state public collections. A retrospective of his work, entitled LIFE/TEXT was shown at Heide MOMA, Melbourne, in 2016-2017.

Introduction to Alex Selenitsch’s Look!

BUY YOUR COPY HERE To situate the work contained in Look!, it is worth recalling the rich but neglected Concrete Poetry tradition. Even in the twenty-first century, its challenge to the transparency of the word as a medium of communication …

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.free electrons in a magnetic field.

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ten atmospheres

Ten atmospheres is a graphic sequence that embeds the word atmosphere in a matrix of the alphabet. Ten letters in the word give ten pages; five have the word picked out vertically, five have it picked out horizontally.

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